Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Represent Your Hood

Hoodies have always been a staple in every guys closet, I do not know any guy that doesn't own at least one hoody. Its versatility is probably why it is a must have for every man. You can wear a hoody over T-shirt, over a button-down, under a blazer or a leather jacket, etc., depending on the weather and climate.

Hoodies experienced a surge in popularity in the mid-2000s, around '05 or '06, due to Streetwear being on the rise and brands like A-Bathing-Ape, chose the Hoody as one of the key pieces in their collections. During that time, every guy wore or owned a Camo Hoodie (Bape) or another all-over print hoodie from a different brand. But we now live in different times. Streetwear grew up. The all-over print died, but the hoodie still maintains its "classic" status.

Now the game is more about the cut, the fit, the details, and less of the hype, the shock value, the wild factor. So where do you find a hoodie that stands out, not because it's over-the-top, but because it looks dope? Crazy Eddie's of course.

This hoodie is designed to be your best friend wherever you are. Walking the mean streets of New York in the blistering cold, or just catching the latest flick in your local movie theater, this hoodie does the trick.
Equipped with military style pockets to keep everything, from your phone, keys, wads of cash, to phone numbers, space cookies, and your membership card to the club of Awesome; with this baby, the only thing you'll be losing is your bad sense of fashion. It sports a futuristic hood design armed with a face shield built to protect your face from that next snow storm, or to hide from that mistake you made that night you were shit-faced drunk, or to just look like a ninja, coz ninjas are bad-ass.

Available in S - XXL, so whether you're Male-Model-Slim or Greek-God-Muscular, Crazy Eddie's can hook you up. Comes in a plethora of colors, Black, Heather Gray, Maroon, for those who wanna do it big but under the radar, or Purple, and Aqua Blue, for the seasoned superstar who loves the attention; whatever your style is, we got you covered.

So come check us out at 7274 Malugay, Makati, and we'll make sure you step your Hood game up. Mention the blog and we'll even throw in a little discount. Why? Coz distinguished gentlemen such as ourselves always give esteemed fellows like you the hook-up.

- DJEuric


  1. how much's the hoodie?

  2. it's 1750 :) come check it out at the store

  3. that's a really well built hoodie

  4. so i vote jon as the official model for the collective...i'm disappointed there was no cash up in that pic

  5. hello. is this hoodie still available in its biggest sizes? i might get the one in black dunno if i'm a L or XL though. i'll be visiting next week! :) -Dan