Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome to Crazy Eddie's

Fueled by Passion, triggered by Boredom, Crazy Eddie's Shirts, Slacks, & Wonder Emporium is the end product of years of a shared love for fashion, music, parties, and everything that's dope. Pulling inspiration from different parts of the globe, from Manila to Seoul to NY and back, Crazy Eddie's offers a distinct style that is influenced by the past, present, and the future, adopting classic cuts and styles and mixing them up with the latest trends and future fashion forecasts.
Men have always taken a backseat when it comes to fashion, it is only recently that a better focus is set on how men dress. The old fashioned mindset that real men don't care much about fashion no longer holds true. Putting on that old ass t-shirt and your baggy ass jeans coz it's comfortable will no longer cut it. Men no longer get a free pass for looking like a fashion victim.

We're here to help you take it to the next level, that next crucial step to being a gorgeous man. Fellas leave your mom at home, this is where real men shop. Take your pick, from the basics such as Button downs, Tees, Varsity Jackets, Hoodies, to accessories like, Ties, Bowties, Glasses, Etc. It might be quite overwhelming for inexperienced budding fashionable gentlemen like yourselves, but fret not, we're here to give you a tutorial on Awesome.

That's what Crazy Eddie's is all about. Menswear. Sorry ladies, we love you, but this time it's all about the bros. Guys, what we aim to do is simple: to make you look fuckin' awesome. It's 2010 and it's time to step it up fellas.

Welcome to Crazy Eddie's, how may I help you today?

- DJEuric

p.s. Thanks to Revolution for the photos.


  1. Where is this store located? I fancy the glasses.

  2. It's at the Collective
    7274 Malugay Street
    San Antonio Village

    It's parallel to Yakal and Buendia

  3. do you have any stores in mall or any where?

  4. I like the men wearing slacks their look more elegant,my father is always wearing it for his job.